Hello May

In Trinidad we only have two seasons. Dry and Wet. The dry season is between January and May, while the wet season runs from June to December. We have an average annual rainfall of around 40 inches and most parts of the country tend to have a slightly higher than  average amount of rainfall in the wet season. We also have rain during the dry season but it’s usually nothing to talk about.

However, it seems as though we have angered the weather gods this year and they are taking full wrath on us. Since the beginning of the dry season all we have seen is water. Rain, rain, rain. We did have a couple full sunny days for the months of March & April but its not much of a comparison.

I prefer the dry season because you can do a lot more outdoor activities, the sky is bright and beautiful, birds are chirping, people are riding bikes, children are outside playing, shoes don’t get soggy from walking in rainfall, umbrellas don’t turn inside out because of heavy winds, cars don’t splash muddy water on you as they zoom by and weddings are a lot more perfect too – lol.

Anywho, below are some photos of plants, flowers and fruit from my mom’s garden showing off our recent weather.

{May 2nd Challenge: Signs of the Season}

{…I have no clue what this plant is called…}

{pink euphorbia}

{croton petra}

{another no name}




{I think this one is called a Sambucus nigra ‘Guincho purple’}

{orange bougainvillea}

{she even got some nasty weeds}

{another shot of the croton petra – this is one of my favourite plants}



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