What did the Triangle say to the Circle?

“You’re so pointless!” – Lol.

That’s the funniest I will ever be. Today I was inspired to photograph circular things around my home.

{May 15th Challenge: Round}

{The door knob. Probably the most common round object in homes today}

{Another cute pair of my sister, Latoya’s shoes. I really like the buckles and holes}

{Mom’s dresser. Her face powder drew me in}

{An apple pie scented candle. Latoya bought it for herself but mom decided to use it to decorate her coffee table}

{Advanced Simplicity}

{He lives in our living room, near our tv…}

{Pink liquid anyone? I love me some strawberry-kiwi}

{The red pearl. Latoya and I love stopper earrings}

{Face scrubber thingy. I really love the colour}

{I enjoy baking. It makes me happy. Especially the eating part}

{You can give Smuckers as a gift? Really?}

{Forgotten bottles in a case}


2 thoughts on “What did the Triangle say to the Circle?

  1. what an amazing set of photos of what most would just overlook as “mundane” objects. you really have great talent to make such an interesting set from around the house!

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