A Super Birthday

Little Israel turned one year old on May 9th.

He celebrated the day with a gang of Super Heroes and a parade of Princesses. The evening was entertaining and delightful. I’ll let the pictures do the talking from here.

{The Birthday Boy}

{The face painter extraordinaire. That’s my sis Latoya}

{Pincess in Pink}

{Little Robin stealing the show from Batman}

{Snow White was leaving her mark on the Birthday Banner}

{Clark in disguise}

{Many colours to choose from}

{The inevitable Music Chairs. It almost always ends in tears}

{Little Pocahontas blowing some bubbles}

{Even The Mighty Hulk showed up. He promised not to break anything – chuckle}

{You can’t have a party without a bouncy castle! Don’t worry folks… Hulk was being very careful}

{Foreground: Kiddie Cups; Background: Goodie Bags}

{Superman was very cautious before hitting the piñata}

{And its open! The madness begins!}

{Cake anyone?}

{“For me? Aww guys, you should’t have.”}

{The Super Famiy! What a fun day it was}


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