Madame Chouthi

Last Saturday I was awake before 6am. Who gets up that early on the weekend? Photographers. And maybe taxi drivers, vendors, gas station attendants… Anywho, I had a portfolio shoot at 7am and the location was roughly 30 minutes from my house.

Thankfully, we also had good weather. It seems like the seasons have finally decided to work out some kind of compromise because we’ve been in the rainy season for a couple days now and the sun has been dominating the skies ever since the end of May. There have been a couple showers here and there but they were never heavy or long.

*crosses fingers in hopes of sun in August*

My model was a sweet young lady with great ambition, who was little bit shy at first but she eventually loosened up a bit as we took more photos. When I was editing, I got a little bit carried away with the B&W processing 😛 I added one coloured photo. After all, we live in an age with flat screen tvs and 3D right?

Here are some of my favourites from the session.

{This is my fav}


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