Passing the Time

Yesterday Rob and I took the day off from work to get some wedding stuff done. When we finally got home in the late afternoon, I realized that I had some time before dinner to get a couple shots for the Daily Challenge. I have been so bad at keeping up with the challenges lately. No time, no energy, no enthusiasm. I really appreciated yesterday’s day off even though we were busy running around… It was a nice change from the usual weekday routine of wake up, get ready, eat, work, home, cook, read, late night wedding planning, sleep, Start over.

I really, really wish we had one extra day in the weekend. One can dream.

{June 12th Challenge: Macro/Close Up}

My photos are not macro but were taken as close as I could get with my nifty fifty [I so need some new lenses – in due time]. I went about taking as many pics as I could before it got too dark out.

{The itchy bush. Just looking at it makes you itchy – lol}

{The kitchen window}

{I really loved the light here}

{Rob pooped out on the couch after our long day}

{One Box-O-Goodies. Our wedding invitations *grin*}

{I love this collection of seashells and pebbles. It really does make a lovely dresser decoration}

{Wine and cookies?}

{My daily collection of car rubbish. This is probably one of Rob’s pet peeves atm – lol}

{Stand pipe in the front yard}


{My favourite of the shots. I found this little creepy crawly while I was out in the yard looking for some good snaps. If you poke it with a stick or your finger it curls up into a little shell-like-thing}

{Weeds in the Wall}


6 thoughts on “Passing the Time

  1. fabulous, unique images. great job, candice! i have a friend who’s a really horrible photographer… (def. not you or anyone you know :-D) i should tell him about your blog…

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