50 Days to Go!

Today marks exactly 50 days until I tie the knot! Woohoo!

{June 22nd Challenge: Negative Space}

I signed up with theknot.com earlier this year to keep track of wedding plans but since we hired Nikki, our fabulous and hard working wedding planner, I haven’t cared to keep tabs on my theknot checklist, lol.

I decided to head on over and check it out today though. All things mentioned are things Nikki has been keeping us up to speed with. However, I’ll still share a couple with you. Reminders:

1. Head out to bridal salon to try on styles: My hair is naturally thin. A couple months ago, I had terrible breakage and it got even thinner. Looking at styles have been a downer because I can’t do many of the them. Honestly, I want to cut it all off and do a cute, low-cut style but everyone keeps pestering me about the “long hair” and looking elegant on the day. I WILL look elegant with short hair too. There is NO wedding rule for hair styles. Darn it peeps. Eventually, I’ll figure out what I want I guess.

2. Address those invitations! Send them out at the three-month mark: So… um… we’re behind that three-month mark, lol. We finally sent the envelopes to be addressed by the calligrapher this week. We’re hoping to collect them on Sunday. I think all of our guests are aware of the date of our wedding. Besides, we’re delivering most of them by hand… I think. *Ponders a moment. Need to discuss with Rob*  

3. Brides: Shop accessories to finish off your bridal look (earrings, a clutch, shoes): Why are wedding shoes so hard to get? All I want are cute, pink shoes and they are the hardest things to find on this green earth! I’ve been tempted to buy them online but I fear after paying for and ordering them, they won’t fit. That would definitely sour a bride. Thankfully, I’ve already gotten my jewelry & head piece. All that’s left are the shoes & a couple other accessories.

Like any other hopelessly-romantic female, I have dreamt about my wedding day since I was a teen. Ideas have changed. Colours have changed. The guy I am to marry has changed – lol – and what I’ve come to realize is that there is no such thing as a Perfect Wedding Day. Congrats to the person who has had that, but I’ve seen and heard the countless stories that at least one thing goes wrong at a wedding. Believe me when I say, I do not wish such a fate on myself, but sometimes I think we  need to have a reality check and be prepared to accept any mistakes, major or minor, on the Big Day. They will all tie in to the wonderful memories of your special event 🙂

I’m just excited to finally be forever tied to the one I call my love.


6 thoughts on “50 Days to Go!

  1. Enjoyed reading your blog and especially like what you said in your last paragraph about having a reality check. Our attitude toward the day’s events (mishaps and all) is more important than trying to ensure that nothing goes wrong because as you said they will all tie in to the wonderful memories 🙂

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