Fancy Hair

Bandos are definitely my favourite hair accessory. Some may say that they are childish or ugly but I think they are chic, cute and fit in nicely with so many outfits. You can wear them to work, casual lunch with friends or on a dinner date. Why? Because bandos come in all shapes, colours and fashions.

And why am I talking about bandos in the first place? Well… today’s challenge was feather/feathered and I happen to own a very adorable, chic feathered bando. See photos below then carry on with your day.

{June 29th Challenge: Feather/Feathered}

{My favourite of the bunch at the moment. This was one of the presents I received from my future Sis.In.Law last Christmas}

{Another fine shot of my totally rad band – lol}

{This one has a cute bow on it} 

{More of our collection}

{My sis and I have owned countless bandos. Some we misplaced and others got broken}

{The End}


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