Today my 30 day countdown until I say, “I do.” begins! I’ve been thinking a lot about how I wanted to present this challenge. Pictures or video or both? I really can’t make up my mind so I think it would have to be a mix up of everything. Some days I am sure I will be able to do video and other days I may only  be able to do photos… so… I decided to mix it all up and hopefully keep it fun, ha!

Today I present you with photo AND video! You may chime in with your “Ooows”… “Aaahs”… Yes people. Today is a good day. Haha.

Picture Imperfect?

Even though its not the best photo, this is one of my favourite photos of Rob & I. I love his smirk, that he’s not paying attention to the camera person and how sexy he looks in his suit 😛 I don’t remember exactly what caught his attention but from my expression one can tell that I was trying really hard to catch it as well. Haha.

Do enjoy today’s video.


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