Hello folks.

I know, I know… its been over a week and I have not posted a single video on the countdown. I could make up some elaborate story for you but I’m just too tired. Things got really hectic at the office lately.

Lemme explain. I work at a church, so during the summer we host a lot of activities for children and teens. From July 16th – 27th we host a camp called YAM – Youth Awareness Marketplace. Youths come out for the two weeks and we have instructors who teach them 2 skills and a talent each. They learn skills such as baking, cooking, sewing, plumbing, painting, basic computing, first aid & beauty care… I don’t think I’m forgetting anything. Talent wise, they can learn to play an instrument, join a singing group, a drama group, do mime, poetry, flowetry (something similar to poetry) and that’s about it I think. I maybe forgetting some things and I blame the tiredness.

Anywho, we have about 35 youth people and 7 children (little brothers and sisters who tag along because no one is at home to watch them). I’ve been quite busy helping out with leading group sessions, taking photo and video and I also had my share of babysitting the youngins. It has been a fun two weeks but most tiring as well. As I sit here and type this to you my eyes want to close but I need to post a video so that you guys won’t think I’m a slacker 😛

I have most of my footage ready and its just to compile my videos and post them. A lot easier said than done. Why not do it after work you say? Well for one thing, when I get home, I am beat and all I want to do is crash on my bed. Sadly I can’t even get that luxury. We started dance practice, so we’ve been meeting with our instructors twice a week. Plus we have to put in our own practice when we get a chance. We have meetings. We have to help our families. We have to get things done for the wedding. For the apartment. For this, for that. Does anyone want to come take over while I take a 15 minute nap?

*falls over in exhaustion*

Please enjoy last Monday’s video. I will try to catch up as soon as possible. Hope you are having a great week!


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