The Wedding Story

Hello and Good Day!

First, I want to apologize for not keeping up with the Wedding Countdown Video Blog. The last three weeks before the wedding were pretty hectic and I was unable to continue. *hides face* Things you missed during that period: We had meetings, we ordered a bunch of tissue paper online because we couldn’t get the amount that we needed in stores here in Trinidad, we made paper pom-poms out of the tissue paper for decorations, we had to get a couple items that we still hadn’t found, we were trying to prepare the apartment in time because that’s where my bridesmaids and I got ready on the wedding day, we had family and friends flying in, I did my hair trial, went shopping with the girls for their shoes, etc, etc, etc. Lol.

Now for a very short version of The Wedding Story!

The day before the wedding, I had a hair, waxing, manicure and pedicure appointment. I got to the hair appointment late and that really changed the timing for everything else. Thankfully, the nail technician stayed back for a couple of hours to accommodate me. I didn’t get  to the apartment to sleep till after 11pm that night. Rob was pretty tired too because he was running up and down doing errands that day. He also had to transport me to and from my appointments. That evening, some of our friends and family were also helping out with decorations at the reception site. They did an excellent job. Thanks much guys!

The next morning, I was awaken at 5am by thunder. By 5:30am it was pouring. I was awake again at 6:30am because I had an appointment for 7am that was rescheduled because I missed it the day before. The rain was drizzling then and the sky was all grey. The day looked gloomy. When I got back home it was 8am. Friends and family were calling and texting saying that everything would be ok and we would have a good time despite the rain.

Everything seemed to run smoothly then. The girls all came and their hair and make up artist started working on them. Soon I was getting my hair styled, make up done and pictures taken. I remember feeling anxious and I couldn’t wait for 2:30pm to arrive. I just wanted to be at the church standing next to Rob and looking into his eyes as we said our vows and exchanged our rings.

Soon enough, the sky cleared up and the rain was gone. I was at the church kissing Rob and the audience was clapping and cheering. The day went by so fast and it felt very surreal and perfect. I still don’t believe there is a perfect wedding day…but… trusting in God to stop the rain in time, not worrying about the little things and truly enjoying the day made it seem perfect enough for me.

Everything was great. Many of our friends and family share how wonderful the event was and said, “It was the best wedding I’ve ever attended!” I really am thankful to our parents, families, friends and Nikki, our wedding planner, for all their hard work and support in making our day a very special one. Special thanks to my uncle for doing our videography for free! He did an awesome job and captured the most special moments of the day 🙂 I also want to thank my darling husband for being patient, loving and supportive through the planning and entire journey.

Below are some photos that I stole from my friends Thaddeus and Cornelius, off Facebook, lol. Enjoy!

{Just finished doing my hair. Up next…}

{…make up!}

{My colourful bouquet}

{The prefect shoes that were so hard to find – Lol}

{My beautiful sister (my MOH) walking up the isle}

{Walking up the isle with dad}

{Being handed over to Rob}

{The Ceremony}

{Post Ceremony Shots. Check out our awesome photographer working hard}

{The girls and I. This photo was taken by our photographer: Ilysium Photography}

{Rob and the Fellas.Photo by Ilysium Photography}

{Photo by Ilysium Photography}

{The First Dance}

{The End}


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