The Newlywed Kitchen

Marriage… has been fun so far. One of the things we enjoy most is cooking. Before we were married, Robert and I did cook alone/with family and each other. Interestingly enough, I disliked cooking when I was a teen. I couldn’t stand being in the kitchen at all. I hated the heat from the stove, the mess that would be made and the dishes to do after. Urgh! It was just too much work. I think what also contributed was that I was learning. My mom was my teacher and she wanted things done her way and perfect… typical… lol.

As I got older and was more comfortable in the kitchen, I soon realised that I did enjoy cooking but doing it by myself. I liked having all the space to myself. Getting to put what I wanted in the dish and experimenting. Tasting my masterpiece when it was done and feeling satisfied that my family/friends enjoyed it too πŸ™‚

When Rob and I started dating one of the first things we learnt about each other was that we enjoyed cooking. The first dish we made together was a Beef & Broccoli Stew. Easy and delicious. The more we cooked the better we got at it. I’m not saying we’re pros but most things we cook, we and others enjoy… and want seconds… and thirds, lol. I also realized that I love having Rob’s company while in the kitchen. It was different to my mom’s. It’s still very pleasing to cook on my own, Β but if Rob’s the company, I gladly welcome it.

Oh boy. I got carried away in my story telling and almost forgot the point of this post. The Newlywed Kitchen. Simply put, sharing some of our favourite recipes with you. But first… a little photo tour of our kitchen. The kitchen is one of my favourite rooms of our new apartment. The colours are so warm and welcoming, its roomy and comfortable and its where the food is. What’s there not to like?

Do enjoy the snap shots below πŸ™‚

{Our time teller}

{The Fridge, some cupboards and storage baskets}

{I’m jar-sitting for a friend… seriously… lol}

{Our handy-dandy toaster}

{The very vintage kettle was a present from my granny}

{Rob bought the cutest little grill & he would be using it everyday if I gave him his way…}

{I decorated the kitchen in autumn colours. Shopping for items was a lot of fun}

{I got this cute little tea set from a close friend’s mom. Isn’t it adorable?}

{Must haves for the husband}

{Another must have for the home}

{Our Plantains and Avocados look ready for eating!}

{I plan to make twice baked potatoes with these bad boys… and yes, I will share the recipe with you!}


12 thoughts on “The Newlywed Kitchen

  1. great pics, Candie!!!
    Smiled when I saw the kettle, I got one when I got married too, 13yrs ago, wasn’t so vintage then……lol!

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