Photography Bucket List 2013

The Bucket List.

How many of you have sat and really thought through all the things you wanted to do before you die? Maybe some of you haven’t because you really didn’t want to think about dying in the first place. Some of you have but never really got around to making the list. And then there are other who’s made the list and maybe never tried anything on it. Then, there’re the persons who are dedicated to the core. You think up a list, you make one, you do the things on it and you continue to add more things because your first list is close to being completed. I despise you btw.

Why am I talking about a bucket list? Yesterday, one of my friends shared a couple tasks from his list with me. At the end of his sharing time, he asked if I’ve ever thought about creating one myself. And the answer is no.

So I got to thinking. What would my bucket list include?.. and of course… it all boiled down to pictures!!! Just the thought of creating a photography bucket list made me excited. I decided to do a 2013 bucket list because if I don’t give myself a time limit, I’ll probably never get started. Also, I will be motivated and pushed to find and explore avenues to get the photos on my list. Wish me luck cuz God knows I need it!

What’s on your bucket list?

2013 Photo Bucket List


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