Happy Friday & Small Talk

Happy Second Friday in the month of February cookies!


{This photo made me laugh unnecessarily loud}


The day is upon us. The day few people look forward to more than Christmas and even Thanksgiving. The day you see heart shaped chocolates, lollypops, jewelry and bouquets. The day the world seems to experience more love than Flavor Flav in his hit reality tv show, “Flavor of Love” *please say last three words in a deep romantic James Earl Jones voice *

While my valentine is away at work and I haven’t seen the fruit of today’s celebrations yet, I’m totin’ with all youse guys out there… until later this evening that is. I’m such a bandwangonist.

Anywho, time to check out this week’s Mr. & Mrs. Behind the Scenes. (Facebook needs to hop on the obvious train and tots get with whatever program they need to support gifs). 

{Must confess, we do enjoy the smooching}

And here’s the photo: Mr. & Mrs. Project: Week 8 | Late Night TV & Popcorn

Let’s recap what my last week & a half looked like:

Weather: Bipolar much. Back in Trinidad there was no need to check one’s smartphones every 10 minutes to be sure of weather conditions. It was either rain or sun. That’s it. In Texas, Monday – Wednesday, best you bundle up all day long, Mr. Sun went on vaca in Mexico. Thursday – Saturday makes you feel like relaxing by the poolside. Then there’s Sunday… steups. We’ll just stay in and miss church. (For the record, if you’re reading this mom, we’ve never done that).  OR you leave home in beautiful 50-degree weather, stay indoors for two hours and when you step outside again, you wonder who left their freezer door open. Dang, this poop just got real.

Exercise: Rob and I started working out with a trainer last week and let meh tell yuh, the thought of it was loads easier than the actual experience. For our first assessment we had a nice talk about goals, expectations and commitment with our trainer and he made everything seem so sweet and doable. After warming up for 5mins on the stair climber machine and 15mins of some strategic exercises, I was… faint. Literally. I couldn’t walk by myself. Rob had to help me as we walked toward our trainer’s desk to recap and the he even had to run and get me some orange juice to help raise my sugar levels. Talk ‘bout shame. Now, I go prepared with my trusty bottle of Gatorade.

Entertainment: Apart from Skyping with the fam back home, this week I found myself in front the tv re-watching one of the cheesiest-teeny-bopperiest movies ♫eveeeeeer♫. Boys and Girls, starring Freddie Prinze Jr and Claire Forlani. Simply put, two friends put their relationship in hot water after sleeping together. Typical. You know those movies that aren’t any good but you start watching and HAVE to finish it and you’re predicting every next scene but you still won’t stop watching? No? Well, that happens to me quite often. I remember liking that movie when I was younger – much, much younger – but the acting and storyline were so pitiable, I could only justify that my adolescent self didn’t know any better. Poor 15 year old me. Oh and I went to the zoo with a friend and her daughter. Instead of more words, here are some pictures from our zoo adventure. {Hover mouse over pics to read commentary}. 

Whaaaaat else?

Food: I had crawfish for the first time. We went to LA Crawfish after church with a friend two Sundays ago. It was surprisingly better than I expected. Reminded me of shrimp a bit but not entirely. Eating it was a chore but worth it. Oh and they have this in-house competition where they challenge brave customers to eat three pounds of their spiciest crawfish. The challenge accepter is not allowed help, can drink in between eating and must finish in 21mins. If you haven’t guessed it yet, Rob is planning to accept said challenge. I promise to record the entire thing for you. I’m quit curious to see how finishes. In an unrelated story, I’m in desperate need of a sushi fix. {Yes, more commentary – hover}. 

So there you have it. Two weeks summarized into one post. Hope you had a lovely week friends and have a Happy Second Friday in the month of February.

xoxoxo <<< {Love be sharing} 






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