How To {Have a Skype Movie Double Date Night}

So… I know I’ve been absent in the last couple of months. Reason being, Robert got a new job. But…. it’s in Houston, Texas. And we had little time to pack up and ride out. We moved from our lil sunny island to a city whose population is twice as large as our home land, with temperatures gauging between 28°F to 90+°F (depending on the time of year) and if that’s not intimidating enough, we are still trying to get over the culture shock. That’s a whole other story…

Anywho, I’m posting to share some tips on enjoying a movie night with friends that are far, far, far away or just far away.


How To Skype Movie Night

Step 1: Find a Movie of Your Choice

Robbin Hood: Men in Tights!

{Robin Hood: Men in Tights is a Classic! It’s one of my favourite movies, thanks to my dad. So this was our pick for the night}

Step 2: Find a Cozy Spot

Cozy Spot

{Spots can range from a couch, bed, futon or even a blanket spread on the living room floor if it’s carpeted and comfortable}

Step 3: Find a Cuddle Buddy

My Robby Bear

{Cuddle Buddies can be husbands/wives, boy/girlfriends, best friends, pillows, teddies, or anything soft or snuggle worthy. Maybe not pets because they will eat all your snacks and lick your face continuously}

Step 4: Find the Perfect Munchies


{Popcorn is always a movie favourite and we like mixing up salty treats with sweet. You can choose whatever you like}

Step 5: Find your Skype Date Buddies


{Hi Skype Buddies! Meet Stephanie & Wayne. They aint camera shy}

Step 6: Enjoy the Movie Date

Woohoo! Movie Time!

{Shhh.. no talking}

Closing Remarks: To Keep in Mind

1. Your movie night doesn’t even have to be a date. You can have a movie night with your friends at home if you are far away from them and wanna do something fun.

2. Throughout the movie, we made comments to each other about things that were funny or silly and it was nice having that aspect via Skype.

3. Also, keep the time difference in mind. We’re two hours behind Wayne and Steph so we really needed to be mindful about the time we got started. You don’t want your friends falling asleep during the movie.

4. This maybe a teeny bit difficult and silly but if not done, maybe a little annoying. Try… as best as you can… to start your movies in the same exact spot! Imagine if your friend’s tv was playing the movie a couple seconds before or after yours and you heard every line twice. That may be distracting to some after a while. If its an issue, try it. If not, don’t kick a fuss.

5. In the end, just enjoy the movie and company.

Toodles Good Folk of WordPress and beyond.