Small Talk & Behind the Scenes

Is it just I or do you leave home with the intention of buying one or two things at the grocery store and return with food/items you would probably never buy unless  you were hosting dinner for Paula Deen , the President or Jennifer Lawrence?

{Almost} every time Rob and I head to the grocery we end up buying more than we planned. Two nights ago we went for a rolling pin and returned with strawberries, a double griddle and coconut water in addition. I don’t have any uses for the double griddle in the near future and drinking coconut water is my equivalent to bath-time for a cat. Buuuuut I did put those strawberries to good use and I’ll have a little show and tell tomorrow to present my concoction.

In an unrelated story, below is this week’s Mr. & Mrs. Behind the Scenes. What in the yam am I talking about right? My apologies. For those of you who are not following me on The Book of Faces, I started a Mr. & Mrs. Project with the hubby as a means to challenge myself photography wise with the added bonus of having tons of pics that we can reminisce about in ten year or so and even showcase to our little pickney when we have them in the very far future. We’re at week 7, oops, I mean 8… but I’m just a smidgnit behind.

Anywho, here is this week’s Behind le Camera

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That’s it for today. Au revoir Wordpress & beyond!


Madame Chouthi

Last Saturday I was awake before 6am. Who gets up that early on the weekend? Photographers. And maybe taxi drivers, vendors, gas station attendants… Anywho, I had a portfolio shoot at 7am and the location was roughly 30 minutes from my house.

Thankfully, we also had good weather. It seems like the seasons have finally decided to work out some kind of compromise because we’ve been in the rainy season for a couple days now and the sun has been dominating the skies ever since the end of May. There have been a couple showers here and there but they were never heavy or long.

*crosses fingers in hopes of sun in August*

My model was a sweet young lady with great ambition, who was little bit shy at first but she eventually loosened up a bit as we took more photos. When I was editing, I got a little bit carried away with the B&W processing 😛 I added one coloured photo. After all, we live in an age with flat screen tvs and 3D right?

Here are some of my favourites from the session.

{This is my fav}

The Decker Family

We were so blessed to have good weather for Sunday’s shoot. I was worried that the rains would have ruined the day. The Deckers were very pleasant and adorable. Little Andreas was such a sweetie pie until he got a little cranky close to the end of the shoot, chuckle. I really loved how well they connected and the sweet relationship each parent has with Andreas. Aren’t they just precious? 🙂

{How sweet}

{An “aww” moment}

{All smiles}

{“Stop it guys…. You’re smothering me.”}

{Look at me strut}

{Such a cute, little silly face}

{Mommy’s Little Darling}

A Super Birthday

Little Israel turned one year old on May 9th.

He celebrated the day with a gang of Super Heroes and a parade of Princesses. The evening was entertaining and delightful. I’ll let the pictures do the talking from here.

{The Birthday Boy}

{The face painter extraordinaire. That’s my sis Latoya}

{Pincess in Pink}

{Little Robin stealing the show from Batman}

{Snow White was leaving her mark on the Birthday Banner}

{Clark in disguise}

{Many colours to choose from}

{The inevitable Music Chairs. It almost always ends in tears}

{Little Pocahontas blowing some bubbles}

{Even The Mighty Hulk showed up. He promised not to break anything – chuckle}

{You can’t have a party without a bouncy castle! Don’t worry folks… Hulk was being very careful}

{Foreground: Kiddie Cups; Background: Goodie Bags}

{Superman was very cautious before hitting the piñata}

{And its open! The madness begins!}

{Cake anyone?}

{“For me? Aww guys, you should’t have.”}

{The Super Famiy! What a fun day it was}