Veiling Shadows

Hello friends. Its been a while. The crazy wedding preparations and awesome honeymoon are over so its prime time to jump back on the photography wagon. I actually missed taking photos and enjoyed it while on the honeymoon.

At the apartment, we recently put up some blinds on the kitchen window and I’ve been itching to take a photo with the sunlight streaming through.

I’m not 100% satisfied with this photo and am going to redo… but with a model that is not myself next time – hehe. I think it would be easier for me focus on the model while the model focuses on… modeling. What else? *chuckle*

{September 7th Challenge: Veiled}

{I really like shadow and light photos in black & white}


Passing the Time

Yesterday Rob and I took the day off from work to get some wedding stuff done. When we finally got home in the late afternoon, I realized that I had some time before dinner to get a couple shots for the Daily Challenge. I have been so bad at keeping up with the challenges lately. No time, no energy, no enthusiasm. I really appreciated yesterday’s day off even though we were busy running around… It was a nice change from the usual weekday routine of wake up, get ready, eat, work, home, cook, read, late night wedding planning, sleep, Start over.

I really, really wish we had one extra day in the weekend. One can dream.

{June 12th Challenge: Macro/Close Up}

My photos are not macro but were taken as close as I could get with my nifty fifty [I so need some new lenses – in due time]. I went about taking as many pics as I could before it got too dark out.

{The itchy bush. Just looking at it makes you itchy – lol}

{The kitchen window}

{I really loved the light here}

{Rob pooped out on the couch after our long day}

{One Box-O-Goodies. Our wedding invitations *grin*}

{I love this collection of seashells and pebbles. It really does make a lovely dresser decoration}

{Wine and cookies?}

{My daily collection of car rubbish. This is probably one of Rob’s pet peeves atm – lol}

{Stand pipe in the front yard}


{My favourite of the shots. I found this little creepy crawly while I was out in the yard looking for some good snaps. If you poke it with a stick or your finger it curls up into a little shell-like-thing}

{Weeds in the Wall}

What did the Triangle say to the Circle?

“You’re so pointless!” – Lol.

That’s the funniest I will ever be. Today I was inspired to photograph circular things around my home.

{May 15th Challenge: Round}

{The door knob. Probably the most common round object in homes today}

{Another cute pair of my sister, Latoya’s shoes. I really like the buckles and holes}

{Mom’s dresser. Her face powder drew me in}

{An apple pie scented candle. Latoya bought it for herself but mom decided to use it to decorate her coffee table}

{Advanced Simplicity}

{He lives in our living room, near our tv…}

{Pink liquid anyone? I love me some strawberry-kiwi}

{The red pearl. Latoya and I love stopper earrings}

{Face scrubber thingy. I really love the colour}

{I enjoy baking. It makes me happy. Especially the eating part}

{You can give Smuckers as a gift? Really?}

{Forgotten bottles in a case}

Nail Colour

In the photo is some of my sister’s nail polish collection. Remember I mentioned that she likes loud colours? Lucky for us, they all look good when we wear them – chuckle.

{May 10th Challenge: Bottle/s}

{Polishing tip: The most professional way of making manicure is to make a base coat, two layers of nail polish and a top coat. Each layer must be thin and done in three strokes. Top coat can be applied daily (if the layers under it are intact, of course) and this way you can prolong the life of your manicure.}

Childhood Memories

When I was a child, I was fascinated by miniature things… and eggs…

I enjoyed looking at and tried playing with some of my grandmother’s tiny ornaments that replicated bigger things. Like a bathroom sink & cabinet magnet on her refrigerator. And yes, it still exists even today, lol.

I remember one time, spending the weekend at my other grandmother’s house. My aunt still lived there at the time and she was no older than 20 years old…I think. She was visiting a friend and took my sister and I with her. Her friend or her friend’s sister had a Barbie doll, her mom was a seamsters and she sewed all of Barbie’s clothes. I remembered going crazy over the many cute, little outfits Barbie could change into! I went home and tried to replicate a couple of them but couldn’t, because of course… I was too young to stitch and used scotch tape to tack my creations together which turned into a hot mess…

So any who… I’m rambling. I was rummaging through some stuff looking for something fitting to create an photo for today’s challenge when I stumbled upon these!

{May 8th Challenge: Found}

{Bag pack with essentials}

One of my own creations! I found them in my sock drawer. I think I was between 10 and 12 when I made this. Yes. I played with dolls until I was about 13 years old. I needed a school bag for my Kelly doll and so I made the bag, a notebook, crayons, a sketchpad, a pencil and play dough. I remember being quite proud of my final product and my sister thought it was the cutest thing ever! I’m glad that I kept it because it reminded me that there are no limits to a child’s imagination. I’m amazed at what children come up with when given the materials and time.

Have you ever crafted something when you were younger? Tell me about it. I would love to read it 🙂

{From left schoolbag, sketchpad, crayon box, play dough, pencil and notebook}

{My favourite item for a while was the pencil. It was the cutest thing ever. I tried to make an eraser for its end but that was a task and a half}

{I even made tiny crayons for the box out of real crayons – lol}

{I used a filmy tone on the photos in hopes of adding to the old memories effect}

{I also make miniature food for my Barbies with play dough}

Proverbial Note

Rob and I have been getting a lot of marital advice lately. More than we even ask for but we are both thankful for the guidance and direction from those much older and wiser than we are.

This little book was a gift from my friend Cherise. In it, are notes for marriage backed-up by scripture.

This is one of our favourites. Its funny but has a great message 🙂

{May 7th Challenge: Note}

{Better is a dinner of herbs where love is, Than a fatted calf with hatred. – NKJV}

{New Living Translation Version}

Hello May

In Trinidad we only have two seasons. Dry and Wet. The dry season is between January and May, while the wet season runs from June to December. We have an average annual rainfall of around 40 inches and most parts of the country tend to have a slightly higher than  average amount of rainfall in the wet season. We also have rain during the dry season but it’s usually nothing to talk about.

However, it seems as though we have angered the weather gods this year and they are taking full wrath on us. Since the beginning of the dry season all we have seen is water. Rain, rain, rain. We did have a couple full sunny days for the months of March & April but its not much of a comparison.

I prefer the dry season because you can do a lot more outdoor activities, the sky is bright and beautiful, birds are chirping, people are riding bikes, children are outside playing, shoes don’t get soggy from walking in rainfall, umbrellas don’t turn inside out because of heavy winds, cars don’t splash muddy water on you as they zoom by and weddings are a lot more perfect too – lol.

Anywho, below are some photos of plants, flowers and fruit from my mom’s garden showing off our recent weather.

{May 2nd Challenge: Signs of the Season}

{…I have no clue what this plant is called…}

{pink euphorbia}

{croton petra}

{another no name}




{I think this one is called a Sambucus nigra ‘Guincho purple’}

{orange bougainvillea}

{she even got some nasty weeds}

{another shot of the croton petra – this is one of my favourite plants}