Blueberry Saturday

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Rob and I went blueberry picking two Saturdays ago at Chmielewski’s Blueberry Farm in Hockley, TX. The farm has approximately 8 arches of berry bushes and they are free of chemicals! We got there pretty early to beat the crowds. We picked about 3 pounds of berries in all and the cost was below $10. Some were eaten as snacks, some were drizzled into parfaits and of course, some were made into dessert.

Never been blueberry picking? Try it some time, its relaxing, plus you get to eat while you pick. 😉


Farm Animals.Fried Food.Fun Rides

Our visit to the Houston Rodeo.


{That “H” in Houston sure does look ready for some action – haha}


{We saw some beef… err… I man cows}


{Cute little lambs}

MDP-9 MDP-12

{Chicks feeding and chicks hatching}


{ Bees making honey}


{Our friends played Speed of Light}

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{Petting of calfs, Buying of hats and Squirming from puppet iguanas -hehe}

MDP-33 MDP-34

{Then we ate a lot. Turkey legs, deep fried cookie dough, deep fried frog legs and fries, deep fried cheese cake and grilled beef and veggies}


{We decided that food was more important than rides that day and we didn’t regret it! Ha! Soon the afternoon came to an end and it was time to go home and sleep off all that food we ate}


{Rodeo Buddies}