Road Trippin through Texas | Part III

We were greeted on Saturday morning by a golden sunrise and mr. buns at 6:00am.

Then we went back to bed and re-awoke at a much weekend appropriate time, 8am. For breakfast we headed to one of the town’s popular cafes. I’ll skip the dets of our meal and head right into stop number four.

Pedernales Falls. The park is home to many woodland creatures, birds and the ever unpopular, snakes. We did a short hike, explored the waterfall and cooled down at a popular bathing spot.

The river is prone to flash flooding and coils its way through the park for 6 miles. Some images below show limestone gorges filled with deep pools. At the falls’ overlook, persons can marvel the gorgeous view then venture down to explore its vast canyon of limestone and pools. As tempting as this area looked for bathing, we were not permitted to swim, wade or tube. But there were other designated spots for bathing that were just as lovely and refreshing.

There are also numerous hiking trails to fit your adventurer side. It can be as short as 30 minutes or long as 4 hours. Just remember to wear a cap, bug spray/sunscreen and carry your water!

If you’d like to visit or want more info on this State Park, get it here.



Road Trippin through Texas | Part I

Hello peanuts. I’ve been quiet for a while but in my absence I can assure you that I maintained my awesome. One awesome thing that we did was road tripped across Texas last weekend. Apart from hours of driving, listening to Jim Gaffigan’s audio book, Dad is Fat, the scenery, the food and the company were exceptional!

Rob and I made plans to celebrate our birthdays in between our birthdays. He’s late April and I’m late May. As mentioned in my 2014 Resolutions, Austin was a location I wished to visit this year.

*Ticks visits to Austin, with bonus of Canyon Lake, San Antonio AND Fredericksburg off list. Booyoucasherrrr!

Did I take a gazillion pictures? As sure as eggs. Am I going to post them all at once? Naw man. Because who wants to look at 70+ pictures of a trip all in one sitting? We hit the road early Friday morning and our first stop was Canyon Lake TX, where we went tubing on the Guadalupe River. For obvious reasons we didn’t take pictures but as we passed the turtles, swans and ducks in close proximity I was disappointed we didn’t get one of those disposable waterproof cameras. Oh well. It was fun and we saw our fair share or wildlife that day. During three quarts of the trip we spotted an Anaconda sized (ok, maybe not Anaconda sized but it was huge) black and yellow snake casually chillaxing on the edge of some mangrove. You can bet your bottom dollar, we stayed inside of our tubes for the rest that float trip.

Second stop, San Antonio! Our stay was brief but the food was well worth it. I blame hunger for the lack of proof but trust me… lunch was gratifying. We were told that the River Walk was the place to be if ever in San Antonio. We had lunch at Boudros. Peoples, please visit that restaurant if you visit the River Walk. In fact, if you’re in San Antonio ever, find your behinds there and thank me later.

I had the Smoked Shrimp and Pepper Bacon Club Sandwich. Capitalized for emphasis on bessness. The shrimp was smoky and the bacon was sweet! The South Padre Island dressing drizzle was the finishing touch to my sandwich. Rob had the Texas Tapas. Picture his plate, the softest piece of pork tenderloin accompanied by the juiciest Hill Country Jalapeno Sausage and the tastiest, sweetest smoked duck with some other stuff I wasn’t paying much attention to. The meats stole my taste buds. *wipes dribble flowing down my chin.* I’m enduring torture for you people. Appreciate it.

For dessert we shared the Crispy Tortilla Fan with a scoop of vanilla ice cream. Imagine a cinnamon, sugar-covered tortilla with rich cream and juicy berries complimented by a two scoop flawless blend of vanilla ice cream.

After our Macajuel sized lunch, we strolled the River Walk, stopping into shops and checking out the scenery. It was a rainy day so we didn’t stay long and explored as much as we’d liked. Stops one and two were good but wait, there’s more! Keep an eyeball out for continued posts and photos of our excursion.

Picture time! Sights at the River Walk: A small collection of iPhone & camera photos.

MDP-63{Almost there!!!}

MDP-68{Due to funky weather, the river boats weren’t out and about}

MDP-65{My hubby ready for lunch}

MDP-64{At Boudros, if you order Guacamole For Two, a waiter comes out with a cart and makes it right on the spot for you}



MDP-69{Always selfie ready}



Visit to the Wildfowl Trust – Instagram Style

Last Saturday Rob and I paid a visit to the Wild Fowl Trust. Its a non-profit environmental, non-governmental organization dedicated to environmental education and the conservation of wetlands and waterfowl and is located in Pointe-a-Pierre, Trinidad and Tobago. That’s central of our island. Their mission: Environmental education and public awareness; research, breeding and re-introduction programmes for locally endangered, wetland birds; improved environmental policies through lobbying; and the promotion and implementation of the wise use of natural resources.

Enough educational facts. Rob wanted to do something different with our Saturday morning, so he proposed picnicking at the Wildfowl Trust. YES! YES! Count me in!! Anything to get away from Saturday morning house cleaning! We got there too late for the group tour so we did our own. The walk was nice and short, the birds were cute and some were colourful and the mosquitoes bit in all their glory. All in all, it was a pleasant change to our regular Saturday morning routine.

And yes, I did take photos. Decided to edit them in Instagram. Check out our little activity Instagram Style.

{First stop, the ducks}

{I really love the colours of the Scarlet Ibis. Interesting fact: They get their colour from the rich source of pigments in the algae and small crustaceans that they eat}

{The blue and yellow Macaw}

{Lovely reflection of the sky  & clouds in the water}

{Water and Greens}

{Water Fountain}

{Ducks on a Branch}

{Soon it was snack time. Waffle sandwich with cheese, deli turkey, tomatoes, lettuce and a drizzle of dijon honey mustard}

{The etcs.}

Splish-Splash Baby taking a Bath

I did a video short of some footage I capture while at the beach for a friend of mine, whose birthday was yesterday. It was her daughter’s second time at the beach but first time in the water. Little Avianna seem a little unsure of the activity at first but slowly got into it. Take a look at her cute reaction and the excitement of mommy and daddy 🙂